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Yantai Hightite Chemicals Co,.Ltd

Products >> UV light cure adhesive for the medical equipment

UV light cure adhesive for the medical equipment

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Product Name: UV light cure adhesive for the medical equipment
Supply Ability: 100ton/year
Related proudcts uv light cure adhesi, uv light cure adhesi,
Specifications 50ml
Price Term: fob
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 111
Unit Price: 111

Yantai Hightite Chemicals Co., LTD is specialized in the production of UV light cure adhesive for the medical equipment .there are UV light cure adhesive for medical equipment ,UV light cure adhesive for syringe ,UV light cure adhesive for disposable medical equipment ,UV light cure adhesive for Blood separation cup ,UV light cure adhesive for vein remaining needlleiv ,UV light cure adhesive for oxygen mask ,UV light cure adhesive for needle head .
It is suitable for bonding PVC , Makrolon, polyester, ABS , polyurethane, acrylic acid, Polyether benyi methadone , polystyrene, nylon, polyimide, polyester, PVC alloy, composite material, glass reinforced plastics, glass, metal, etc. It is used for disposable medical equipment ,decorating parts and many other plastic bundings . Comply with the ISO10993 medical certification.

Product features:
Positioning in a few seconds after the UV-irradiation , fully cured within 30s, greatly improved the working efficiency;
Bonding materials range widely, suitable for bonding PC, PVC, PS, PP, PE, PET metal materials, bonding strength is high, and it can also realize structural bonding;
Aging resistant performance is excellent; After cured the tran***rency is high, resistant to acid alkali corrosion; For bonding material it is non-corrosive; It has good flexibility, i***ct resistant.
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